Injured At An Airbnb In New York...Who Is Liable?

Written By Eva Brindisi Pearlman & Josh Pearlman | January 12, 2018


These days, hotels and lodges are not your only option when it comes to traveling. Airbnb is an American company that offers short-term leases and rentals in homes, apartments, and other properties across the globe. Their online marketplace connects those offering to host (the “Host”) with those seeking accommodations (the “Guest”). Airbnb serves as a one stop shop with countless listings, around the world, for travelers to choose from, and there are options available for every budget, at a variety of price ranges.  But what happens if you rent through Airbnb and you or a loved one gets injured during your stay? In our latest blog learn who is liable.

How To Avoid A Premises Liability Lawsuit This Labor Day

Written By Eva Brindisi Pearlman | September 1, 2017


It’s Labor Day weekend in Central New York marking the end of summer is right around the corner. School starts next week in the Utica and Syracuse areas, the weather is about to get cooler, and the majority of New Yorkers will be celebrating this weekend with friends and family. Learn how you can have a safe, fun Labor Day and avoid a premises liability lawsuit this Labor Day in our latest blog from the personal injury lawyers at Brindisi, Murad, Brindisi and Pearlman.


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Written By Eva Brindisi Pearlman | February 10, 2017


Central New Yorkers aren't strangers to winter weather.  But when  winter arrives, the possibility of a slip and fall accident increase.  A slip and fall accident could happen at the grocery store, outside a restaurant or at a friend's house. No matter where, slip and fall accidents occur fairly often during the winter months in CNY. If you are the victim of a slip and fall accident, read the latest blog from the attorneys at Brindisi, Murad, Brindisi & Pearlman to see what steps you should take.

Our Ultimate Winter Home Preparation Guide

Written By Eva Brindisi Pearlman | January 13, 2017


As we are amid another CNY winter, we see the temperatures dropping and snowflakes falling as Central New Yorkers are bundling up for the winter season. As we bundle up to keep our bodies protected from the cold, we need to remember that our homes and vehicles need some TLC as well. Learn how you can prepare them for another CNY winter in our latest blog from the partners at Brindisi, Murad, Brindisi & Pearlman.

Safety Tips For Holiday Decorations To Prevent A Premises Liability

Written By Eva Brindisi Pearlman | December 9, 2016


Everyone in Central NY is getting in the holiday mood but did you know that spectacular wonderland of lights that you have created on your property could lead to you being involved in a premises liability lawsuit if you aren't careful? In our latest blog from the lawyers at Brindisi, Murad, Brindisi & Pearlman learn how you can avoid being a part of a holiday decorations premises liability lawsuit.

Slipping into Winter: Avoiding Slip and Fall Accidents

Written By Eva Brindisi Pearlman | November 25, 2016


As winter begins to roll into Central NY and sidewalks begin to freeze, more slip and fall accidents tend to occur. Slip and fall accidents account for 15 percent of all accidents and slips, trips, and falls on the same level are the second leading cause of injury among Americans. Learn more on staying safe this winter by avoiding a slip and fall accident in our latest blog from the personal injury lawyers at Brindisi, Murad, Brindisi & Pearlman.


How To Avoid A Premises Liability Case This Halloween

Written By Eva Brindisi Pearlman | October 28, 2015


With Halloween quickly approaching, premises liability accidents can happen easily as thousands of children across New York State will put on costumes full of excitement and rush from door to door to trick or treat. Learn more in our latest blog on how to make sure your property is safe for trick or treaters for this Halloween, turning a potentially dangerous holiday into a safe one by avoiding causing a premises liability accident.


THE BLACK FRIDAY RUSH: If You're Injured Who's Liable?

Written By Eva Brindisi Pearlman | November 25, 2015


It’s that time of year again! Thousands line up in front of retailers’ hours before opening to snag the best deals for holiday presents. It seems like it’s all in good fun, however for some customers, Black Friday shopping can end in tragedy. Numerous individuals suffer from injuries like bruised and broken bones, concussions, or even death as a result of stampedes, fall risks and other hazards. Unfortunate, yes, but in these cases, who is liable? This may depend on a variety of factors; and, as such, it is important to make sure you hire attorneys that have both the knowledge and experience to investigate and determine who the responsible parties are in connection with a liability claim on your behalf if you’re injured on Black Friday.


Fire Prevention Week-Prevent a premise liability claim

Written By Eva Brindisi Pearlman | October 7, 2015


Did you know that half of home fire deaths happen between 11pm and 7am, when most people are asleep? The main cause - not having a working smoke alarm installed in each bedroom.


National Fire Prevention Week this year is officially October 4th-10th, according to the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA).  Throughout the country many schools have planned fun activities to teach children about fire safety and how to  prevent fires from occurring.



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