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BLOGS ON Car Accidents

Bike Safety In CNY: How To Avoid A Bike And Car Accident When Sharing The Road

Written By Eva Brindisi Pearlman | July 16, 2018


The summer time in Upstate New York is not only the season of breaking out your convertible or classic cars, but it is also a prime season for bicycles. Whether you ride your bike to work or for leisure, cyclists know how difficult it can be to share the road with cars and trucks; and how a casual stroll could turn deadly in an instant. If you are a cyclist  learn more about how you can make sure you ride safe when sharing the road with a car in our latest blog.

5 Tips For Hosting A Safe Graduation Party In CNY

Written By Eva Brindisi Pearlman | June 22, 2018


It's that time of the year once again when high school seniors across New York State are graduating looking forward to beginning the next chapter of their lives by heading to college. While it is time to celebrate, it is also a time full of anxiety and worry for parents. With over 10.8 million underage drinkers in the United States, underage drinking and driving is a big problem. Parents hope that their children make good choices when faced with pressure from their peers to drink alcoholic beverages at these parties. If you are hosting a graduation party this year learn more about how you can make sure you host a safe graduation party in our latest blog.

5 Ways To Prevent A Road Construction Accident

Written By Eva Brindisi Pearlman | June 15, 2018


The warmer weather of summer time means a variety of things: vacations, holiday barbecues, and road construction. Hard working construction workers utilize the nice weather to repair road conditions in our community. As they sweat under the hot sun working to improve our city, there are set work zone safety guidelines that everyone must follow to prevent tragic accidents. Learn more about how you can make sure you get through road construction safely in our latest blog.

Is My Husband's Complex Bone Fracture Enough For A Lawsuit?

Written By Eva Brindisi Pearlman | June 8 , 2018


Bone fractures are a common result of being involved in a serious accident such as a car accident. Imagine being out on the town in the Utica area running errands and encountering a careless driver who chooses to run a stop sign slamming into the side of your car. The force of the car crash jolts your body causing your bones to break. The damage to your body impacts your life by not allowing you to work for months and now you're being told by doctors that you may never be able to do the activities you love without being in pain. A life altering experience that wasn't any of your fault. Learn more about the types of broken bones that can happen during an accident and if you qualify to file a lawsuit in our latest blog.

Spring Car Accidents: Driving In Spring Weather HAzards In New York

Written By Eva Brindisi Pearlman | April 6 , 2018


Spring weather in Upstate New York can make for crazy driving conditions. One minute it's raining and the next snowing.  These hazardous driving conditions lead to an increased number of car accidents. Along with the dangers associated with spring weather are all of the damage to the roads the winter weather left behind. Learn more on how to avoid spring car accident in Upstate New York in our latest blog.

How New York Winters Impact Power Lines & Cause Electrocution Injuries

Written By Eva Brindisi Pearlman | February 16 , 2018


Back in 1998 a terrible ice storm hit the Watertown NY area. The ice shut down the city causing a lot of damage and power outages due to downed power lines. During the winter many New Yorkers understand how to navigate the dangerous road conditions the weather brings but it is easy to forget the affect ice has on power lines. If you encounter a downed power line and don't act appropriately, you could put yourself at risk of electrocution. Learn more on what to do and how to avoid a power line  electrocution injury in our latest blog.

Tips On Spotting Someone Driving Drunk In New York And What To Do

Written By Eva Brindisi Pearlman | February 9 , 2018


In Upstate New York, when people get together for a party or big sporting event alcohol is usually involved. Problems occur when someone who was drinking makes a conscious decision to break the law by getting behind the wheel of a car and driving drunk.  A startling statistic from the CDC indicates that a person in the United States is killed every 51 minutes in a car accident involving a drunk driver. Three counties in Central New York are within the top five counties in New York State with the highest drunk driving rates. Drinking and driving is a big issue and can be prevented. Learn more on spotting a drunk driver and what to do in our latest blog.

Mobile Apps That Could Prevent A NY Winter Distracted Driving Accident

Written By Eva Brindisi Pearlman | January 17 , 2018


Distracted driving is responsible for thousands of injured people in New York State every year. As a result, Governor Cuomo is cracking down on distracted driving. The number of distracted driving tickets has increased considerably over the last few years. Although this is a step in the right direction, there is still a long way to go to keep people from driving distracted. Take the first step in helping us to make our streets safer in New York by learning how you can avoid creating a car accident by using a mobile app to keep you from becoming a distracted driver in our latest blog.


Written By Eva Brindisi Pearlman | November 6, 2017


The weather is getting colder in Utica and Syracuse as winter approaches. Unfortunately, with the freezing temperatures of winter comes winter-related accidents such as winter car accidents and slip and falls. Learn how to stay safe this winter and how to prepare for the winter weather in the latest blog from the personal injury lawyers at Brindisi, Murad, Brindisi & Pearlman.

10 Safety Tips To Avoid A Back To School Car Accident

Written By Eva Brindisi Pearlman | September 11, 2017


September is here and school has started in the Utica and Syracuse areas. Excited children will be racing to catch the school bus and drivers need to stay alert. In the latest blog from the personal injury lawyers at Brindisi, Murad, Brindisi & Pearlman learn 10 safety tips that will help you avoid a back to school car accident this fall.

Tips FOr Parents To Prevent Teen Texting And Driving Accidents

Written By Eva Brindisi Pearlman | July 7, 2017


School is out and more teens are now on the roads driving around Central New York. One of the top causes of teen car accidents is teen distracted driving. Teens texting and driving account for a good portion of these types of accidents causing serious injuries for the parties involved if not death. Texting and driving accidents can be easily prevented. Learn how you can keep you teen safe and prevent a distracted driving accident being caused by texting and driving in the latest blog from the personal injury attorneys at Brindisi, Murad, Brindisi & Pearlman.


Written By Eva Brindisi Pearlman | June 26, 2017


It’s that time of the year again…graduation time. Now that most high schools have had their graduation ceremonies, families across Central NY are celebrating with graduation parties. Usually at these parties, alcohol is present which leads to underage drinking and the possibility of a DUI. Learn how you can help prevent your teen from making a life altering mistake in our latest blog.


Written By Eva Brindisi Pearlman | May 4, 2017


Most people here in the Mohawk Valley can't wait for the warmer weather of spring to start and are excited to hit the road. Did you realize that driving in the spring could be dangerous? In fact, the warmer the weather, the more congestion on the highways. As traffic increases so does the risk of car accidents. In our latest blog from the personal injury lawyers at Brindisi, Murad, Brindisi & Pearlman you will learn spring driving tips that will help to keep you safe and avoid a car accident.

Don't Push Your Luck: Consequences Of Drinking & Driving

Written By Eva Brindisi Pearlman | March 17, 2017


It's St. Patrick's Day and every year we continually see an increase in drunk driving car accidents as Central New Yorkers celebrate the holiday. With an increased amount of people out on the town, parades and people packing area bars drinking green beer, people tend to push their luck by driving drunk instead of planning a safer alternative. 2016 was one of the worst years for drunk driving fatalities. In our latest blog from the personal injury lawyers at Brindisi, Murad, Brindisi & Pearlman you will learn the consequences associated with drinking and drinking as well as how to safely plan your celebration to avoid a drunk driving accident.

Avoiding A Winter Car Accident: Preparing Your Car For Sub-Zero Driving Conditions

Written By Eva Brindisi Pearman | February 3, 2017


As Central New Yorkers, we are all aware of the dangerous driving conditions snow and ice bring being the major cause of car accidents during the winter months. In New York State, 2,767 people died in car accidents during messy winter weather conditions such as snowfall, sleet, or freezing rain, with CNY exceeding the expected rates of a car crash during the winter during that same time period. Not only does winter weather affect our visibility and traction driving down the road but while the sub-zero temperatures can be brutal on our vehicles. Learn how to prepare your care for winter driving conditions in our latest blog from the personal injury attorneys at Brindisi, Murad, Brindisi & Pearlman.

DWI: How Drinking And Driving Affects Your Ability To Drive

Written By Eva Brindisi Pearlman | January 1, 2017


The holidays are upon us and many people will enjoy a festive cocktail to celebrate. This merry time of year can quickly turn devastating due to a drunk driving accident. Learn more about how to stay say during the holidays in Upstate NY and how to avoid a drunk driving accident in our latest blog from the personal injury lawyers at Brindisi, Murad, Brindisi & Pearlman.

What To Do After A Winter Car Accident

Written By Eva Brindisi Pearlman |December 3, 2016


Winter weather is upon us in Central NY and with that comes dangerous driving conditions that could lead to an increase in car accidents. Nearly 1,300 people are killed every year in winter car accidents. There are many elements to consider when driving in winter weather. The latest blog from the car accident attorneys at Brindisi, Murad, Brindisi & Pearlman share what to do if you find yourself in a winter car accident in their latest blog.

How To Navigate The Confusing World Of Car Accident Insurance Claims

Written By Eva Brindisi Pearlman |October 14, 2016


Car accidents happen all too often. For residents in New York State, driving is often one of the most dangerous activities of our lives. In 2014 alone car accidents were responsible for over 160,000 injuries or deaths. When involved in a car accident, you are also involved with insurance companies. Learn about ways insurance companies can respond to your car accident claim in this blog.

Distracted Teens & Car Crashes: How They Can Be Prevented

Written By Eva Brindisi Pearlman | May 15, 2016


Before you send that text or tweet behind the wheel, ask yourself… Can this wait?

In most, if not all cases, it can. Distracted driving has become an epidemic for deaths among people around the world. But, it is 100% preventable. Distracted driving comes in many forms. It is not always your smartphone to blame. Here are some common distractions for teens behind the wheel.

Plan Your Game Winning Drive: Avoiding A Drunk Driving Disaster on Super Bowl Sunday

Written By Eva Brindisi Pearlman | January 19, 2016


Whether you are a football fan, friends with one, or you just watch for the commercials, millions of viewers will be tuning in on Sunday, February 7th for Super Bowl 50. Some go out to sports bars, others throw parties for the occasion, and while it is all in good fun, what happens when you’ve had a bit too many to drink?


Written By Eva Brindisi Pearlman | January 8, 2016


Though the holidays are over, many people are still rushing to stores for post-holiday returns and using their gift cards to spend on deals during New Year’s sales. Since there are more cars on the road, it only makes sense that there is more of a risk for motor vehicle accidents. Actually according to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, 20 percent of all auto accidents happen in commercial parking lots. In parking lot accidents, who is at fault is determined by the type of accident you are involved in. Although most parking lot accidents that occur usually involve only property damage, there are times when serious injuries or fatalities can occur…more often than not when the vehicle is in reverse.

Getting Prepared For Winter Weather Driving In CENTRAL NY

Written By Eva Brindisi Pearlman | December 14, 2015


Although we have enjoyed unprecedented mild temperatures this December, the official first date of Winter is right around the corner. If you’re dreaming of a “White Christmas” with picturesque, fluffy white snow, there are certain things you can do to prepare before the cold weather hits Central New York. Most would agree, it is lovely to admire the wondrous white outdoors from the comfort of inside your warm home. However, if you are outside and traveling on the roads, it is not so charming and, therefore, very important to remember that winter weather driving conditions can quickly become dangerous.


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