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BLOGS ON BUS Accidents

Back To School Time, Watch Out For School Buses

Written By Eva Brindisi Pearlman | September 2, 2016


The bell has rung, the yellow bus is back on the road, and school is back in session! As the school year commences, more traffic and school buses will be on the roads in both the morning and afternoon in order to transport children safely to and from school. Brindisi, Murad, Brindisi & Pearlman wants to help you avoid a school bus accident by sharing this blog on some tips to remember now that the school bus is back on the road.

Field Trip Time: Important School Bus Safety Tips To Remember

Written By Eva Brindisi Pearlman | May 27, 2016


With the warmer weather approaching, more citizens are on the road. This includes school buses as field trips are more prominent in the warmer months. Children are excited to get outside of the classroom and enjoy the sunshine. However, this extra time on the road could pose a threat to our children’s safety. Car accidents tend to spike in the warmer months as more vehicles, cyclists, and pedestrians are on the road. Although those yellow buses are often hard to miss, they are also vulnerable to car crashes.


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Shame On You Nissan

Written By Eva Brindisi Pearlman | November 5, 2015


Chances are, flipping through the channels on TV, you’ve seen the Nissan Altima commercial of a father racing a school bus to drop his child off at school on time. Many would see the advertisement as just another car sales pitch, but at Brindisi, Murad, Brindisi & Pearlman public safety is very important to us and we view this commercial as irresponsible and dangerous to the community.


The advertisement shows a father bringing his son to the bus stop, only to see the bus driver close the doors before the boy could get on. The man looks at his son for approval, and proceeds to race down the streets, passing the school bus several times, to arrive at school ahead of the school bus and on time. The school bus pulls in front of the school just as the child is exiting the Nissan Altima, and the bus driver shakes his head in disbelief after having been defeated in the “race” to school.


Written By Eva Brindisi Pearlman | May 24, 2016


It happens on a daily basis. Vehicles ignore the school bus stop signs and illegally pass anyway. Putting our children in immediate danger.


Victor Cardillo, Transportation Supervisor for Westmoreland Central Schools claims that his drivers report a passing motorist at least once a week. He says that more often than not, the drivers are distracted, texting or talking on their cell phone. As stated in a previous blog post, distracted driving can be deadly, and is especially frightening when our own young children are involved.

Keep Our Children Safe By Passing The School Bus Camera Safety Act

Written By Eva Brindisi Pearlman | June 16, 2015


According to NYSED.gov, during the regular school year "approximately 2.3 million pupils, or 10% of the nation's pupils ride our 50,000 school buses each day." With the school year coming to a close, more school buses are on the roads than ever as they transport students to a variety of fun-filled educational and sporting events and school field trips.



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